Thursday, January 16, 2014

'Significant voice of change'

Introducing the "future governor of Idaho," Jill Humble. A resident of Boise for 10 years, Jill is an educator in the field of mental health nursing.

Jill (far right) and her husband Allen gather
signatures to get Jill on the ballot for Idaho
governor in front of the Boise Public Library.
Together they've gathered about
680 vetted signatures and
are looking for their final 300. 
Her husband, Allen Humble, said they have been gathering signatures for three weeks and have successfully vetted more than 680 so far. They're working on gathering their last 300 signatures in front of the Boise Public Library now, where I met them.

"This has been a gift," Jill said. "I feel blessed to be working with people."

Allen said the majority of her signatures have come from Ada and Canyon counties, they're making solid progress toward the ballot presence.

"This is very grassroots. We have no business donations, no corporate donations," Allen said. "She's going to be a significant voice of change."

Allen said they've been putting in between 10 and 12 hour days while gathering signatures.

"Jill will be campaigning for full gay rights, and to remove the government completely from women's health care," Allen said. "If you don't like it, don't vote for her."

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