Friday, January 10, 2014

Continuing with the CEC

Bryon Welch, principle evaluator at the
state Office of Performance Evaluations
is presenting now to the joint CEC committee
about the discrepancies between
state compensation legislation and
real implementation of salary increases. 
Today is the final meeting of the joint CEC committee, which I noted here, has reconvened for the first time since 2008.

The committee will be hearing a presentation from Bryon Welch, principle evaluator at the Office of Performance Evaluations, a review of the 2013 Hay Group Total Compensation Study, followed by a 15-minute presentation from State Controller Brandon Woolf.

Then, co-chairmen Sen. John Tippets and Rep. Neil Anderson, along with Senior Budget and Policy Analyst Robyn Lockett will discuss and consider motions.

Some notes from today:

According to survey performed by the state Office of Performance Evaluations, 25 percent of responding state employees said they plan to leave their current job within the next two years. Poor compensation and lack of career advancement opportunities were cited as the primary reasons for increasing employee turnover.

Welch, principal evaluator at the OPE, said there is a discrepancy between the legislative intent of compensation policies and their actual implementation.

Updates to come.

From Welch's presentation. While this bit was created a year ago,
employees were polled recently and Welch said this information still
stands true.

Also from Welch's presentation - considerations that the OPE would like to see
the committee take today.

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