Saturday, January 4, 2014

Associated Press Legislative Preview

As of today, we’re simply two days shy of the start of the start of the legislative session – Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter’s state of the state address on Monday. Until then, he staved off the media by giving a brief tease as to what would be appearing in the address as well as what would be the legislature’s primary issues.
Media set up cameras to hone in on Gov. C.L.
"Butch" Otter during his short speech at
 the  the AP Legislative Preview Jan. 3 in the Capitol.
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He said there would be four areas of focus throughout the upcoming legislative session – what Otter called his “blueprint for moving forward.” Education funding, deciphering Idaho’s role in changing healthcare laws, the state’s plans to begin running the previously privatized Idaho Correctional Center, as well as Otter’s five-year plan for replenishing the state’s piggy bank.

  "The first year -- which we'll be announcing Monday -- will be written in ink, the next four will be written in pencil," Otter said.

Following the governor’s short speech, he took a series of questions from the media. The reporters, while trying to get more information on Monday’s address, asked Otter to touch on a range of topics from the state’s future jurisdiction on same-sex marriage, whether the state’s mild winter would create a shortage of usable water come spring, how the legislature would handle funding Boise's public transportation, as well as how funding education could be this year's biggest issue.

"The state of Idaho is doing great," Otter said. "Could it do better? Yes. Will it do better? We hope so."

 More information will be released on Monday, Jan. 6 following Otter's address.

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