Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What I'm Reading - Aside from Boise Work

February's Cover Girl: Mallory Faye.
First off, loving Februrary's edition of HaveHeart Magazine. It's a great online publication that just launched on New Year's Eve, created by Moscow, Idaho native Heather Evans. I'm a freelancer for this mag and I absolutely love it! We have the option to write about so many fun topics, all with a great overarching theme: real women, real beauty, real stories. And we have a strict anti-PhotoShop policy to back that up.

Here's my recipe for an incredible Spinach-Walnut Pizza.

A review on the best E.L.F crayon-style lipsticks to travel with.

Find more about HaveHeart:
@HaveHeartMag on Twitter

Adventurous Kate, working from home.

I'm also loving the travel blog, Adventurous Kate. She's a twenty-something who lives in Boston working as a freelance writer when she's not chipping away at her goal to travel the globe. I love the fact that she's just plain practical and, well, adventurous. 

For (brutally honest, applicable and useful) advice on saving money for traveling, look no farther than her blog.

She also writes about balancing work and travel, packing tips and her own international recommendations. What can I say? I think I've got the travel bug.

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